This photoshoot for Ptex Group under the leadership of Meny Hoffman was especially fun to work on. We went abstract to portray the company's 7 ethos such as 'expert listeners' and 'true courage' while using the company's four colors as our constraints.  Working with photographer Tim Hutto was a real pleasure! Everthing was possible and then taken up a notch — even if it meant spraypainting walking teeth and hanging an ear from fishwire. See this post for #bts.

Creative Director: Motty Landau // Art Director: Mushky Ginsburg // Photographer: Tim Hutto

True Courage. Yes this tea pot was actually shattered and then glued back together inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi

Tangible Results. No that cake isn't real. Yes it got me too :)

Ethos book printed with Spot UV on the cover to highlight that dripping X 😋

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